The company

La Papoterie is based in Lyon, France. We are a team of passionate experts: designers, creaters, skilled laser cutting technicians and marketing specialists who will respond to your needs with the geatest care and attention. Together with you, we turn paper into sublime creations, anchored in the French tradition of elegance, brought to life with 21st century technology. This is the world of modern French lace!

Our originality

We maintain a close relationship with you and your project, from beginning to end. We bring an exceptional know-how that is both quality- and detail-oriented, as well as constantly innovating through technical improvement and creative expression in paper. Located in the heart of  Lyon, a city renowned for its history of craftmanship, every single invitation card, notebook, writing pad, greeting card and bookmark by La Papoterie is entirely imagined, designed and manufactured in our workshop. More than anything else, our team aims at distributing original and beautifully constructed objects.

Each creation is the implementation of ideas, constant innovation and design proved through a prototype, approved by you and guaranteed to match the quality of the final production. Our fabrication processes are equally subjected to many rigourous controls.

Our history

Audrey Malfatti and Guillaume Hugonnet founded La Papoterie in 2012. Both holders of a diploma from the Lyon Ecole des Beaux-Arts, these two designers put their common talents to the benefit of a material they are particularly fond of: paper. Ever since she was a child, Audrey has always been fascinated by drawing, books, and words, always with notebook in hand. She constantly imagines and draws some new custom designs. Guillaume inherited from his family an interest in production techniques and innovation, developing and adapting laser cutting tools to the products. In order to meet their own standards of quality, they brought on a team of experts whose skills allow them to respond to an increasing demand…but never forgetting their creative spirit and search for excellence!

Our values

Our lace-like paper creations, born of a refined imagination, are surprising, elegant and sophisticated. There are intended for a demanding audience that seeks exclusivity.

We target excellence, 100% Made in France. We hold ourselves to standards that require constant attention to detail and controls at each step of production. Originality and attention to detail are at the heart of our work.

Our commitment

Eliminating obstacles, flexibility in the face of changes, and always remaining responsive, these are integral to our practice. The team at La Papoterie commits to working with you, including taking your last minute unexpected obstacles into consideration, all the while maintaining established terms.